Discover Tlingit glass artist Preston Singletary in this great new book

Living in Seattle, you get to enjoy the amazing art created by Tlingit artist Preston Singletary in many forms. His glass sculpture of "Weaver's Welcome" greets you at the Burke Museum. Hockey fans of the Seattle Kraken pass by his octopus sculpture "La Diab Pish" near the stadium. He has designed NW Coast-influenced graphic posters for Folklife music festival. His delightfully transparent frosty glass baskets and burnished cast bronze totem poles are in the Stonington Gallery and Traver Gallery. You might have heard him play bass in Rumors of the Big Wave or with his current band Khu.éex' in a local rock club. His art has been shown in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; The Ethnographic Museum, Stockholm; The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian; and The British Museum. And now, no matter where you are, you can enjoy the art of Preston Singletary in his handsome new art book "Fusion Notes."

Besides the rich photography of the photogenic art, the book includes Singletary's fascinating life story, going from Seattle to Alaska to Sweden to New Mexico and back, learning to create glass on the fly and assisting at the famous Pilchuck Glass School. He tells his life's tale with refreshing modesty and respect for his Tlingit roots. Preston Singletary's "Fusion Notes" is a real treat for the eyes and the soul.