A new art book, "Mask Garden," reveals the psychological horror of vintage UK paperback covers

Mask Garden is a treasure trove of vintage horror UK paperback covers, showcasing masks, mannequins, and monsters. I haven't been able to put this fantastic book down since I received a copy the other day.

Overflowing with eerie visuals, this haunting collection, published by Bibliomancers, ignites my imagination and transports me to a bygone era of horror. If you have a penchant for vintage horror art, consider Mask Garden an essential addition to your collection!

From the publisher:

This third book is the examination of masks and monsters in vintage paperback covers.

When I first started Bibliomancers I originally conceived of the books I wanted to publish as a trilogy, I wanted to focus on the themes of my vintage paperback collection the connections between them all, essentially weaving a narrative between all these books and the shared symbology.

From the exploration of witchcraft and the occult in Spell Bound to psychological horror that comes through in the Spectral Vision of Gothic Romance, there are many reoccurring themes. With this final book in the trilogy I am showcasing the more visceral body horror elements of the mass market world, this is actually the most traditional horror book in the trilogy. Although I am also pushing the boundaries of what could be considered horror by focusing on elements of absurdity or the surreal in relation to the persona.

Get a copy of this limited edition (333 copies) from Floating World Comics, Skylight Books, or Arcana Books.

Mask Garden cover credits: Vintage mannequins & wigs courtesy of Outfitters Wig / Magical Masks: Tara Zorthian  / Maskwitches: Nora Keyes, Ms. Bebe, Tara Zorthian  / Photograph by Just Loomis