NYC to put a floating pool in the East River

New York City may soon be getting a floating pool in its East River. It will be an innovative floating platform, with the walls of the cross-shaped pool comprised of special filters that will allow river water to flow through, while filtering out debris and microbes. Link to the article by Hurubie Meko in The New York Times is here.

A plan for a floating, self-filtering pool in the East River may soon become a reality, New York officials said on Friday.

With a $16 million investment from the city and state, the floating pool, an initiative of the group Friends of + POOL, is set to open for testing this summer, with a goal of opening to the public next year, Gov. Kathy Hochul said at a news conference in Central Harlem.

The + POOL company announced that the pool could be installed as early as this summer:

We did it!

+ POOL received $12 million from New York State and $4 million from New York City to pilot and scale our water-filtering, floating pool design across the state. We are now aiming to install the first version of the + POOL in NYC in summer 2024!

This fascinating plan for floating, filtering pools in New York City rivers has been around for a while. This video is about how close the + POOL company is to getting their pools installed, and it's six years old.