Treasure hunter dug 130-feet-deep hole in his kitchen seeking pot of gold but fell to his death

In Ipatinga, Brazil, a spirit visited 71-year-old João Pimenta da Silva in a dream and told him about a huge treasure of gold buried below his kitchen. The next day, da Silva started digging.

Over the last year, he hired multiple workers to excavate with him. Meanwhile, he sold all his belongings—including several rental properties he owned—to afford the appropriate equipment.

According to a neighbor interviewed by O Globo, once he reached around 130-feet down, he "stopped at a very large rock that appeared on the path to the hole, which was difficult to remove, and there was even a rumor that he was talking about looking for dynamite to blow up the rock."

Unfortunately, he was emerging from the hole last Thursday when he lost his balance, slipped, and plummeted into the chasm to his death. I wonder if someone else will keep the dream live and find that pot of gold.

(via Coast to Coast)