Wave of the hand defeats new $700k subway gates meant to deter fare evaders

New York City's Metropolitan Transit Authority are testing a new array of $700,000 subway gates meant to deter those who jump the turnstiles to avoid paying the fare. It seems that the test was a failure.

Watch above as Kiing Spiider waves his hand over an exit sensor on the next gate over and… open sesame! Then he steps over and walks through it.

Another issue with the new gates is that they apparently stay open for around five seconds, enough time for multiple people to push through following a paying rider.

According to the NY Post, "

Similar models in Europe employ higher paddles and slightly different dimensions, so changes could be made to the New York models to make them tougher to beat."

MTA communications director Tim Minton states that the city has a "multi-layered approach to deterring fare evasion driven by a blue-ribbon panel's report, that includes a search for new fare gate technology, police officers, private guards, transit enforcement teams, discount fare programs and soon, a customer-messaging campaign."