In 1996 you could buy Doritos that came in a soda can

In 1996 you could buy Doritos that came in a soda can, and here's what they looked like. Upon first glance, it looks like a Nacho cheese flavored soda (which would be way more bizarre than chips that come inside of a soda can). I wonder how many people avoided the product because they believed that this was the case. 

You could purchase these canned chips at various soda machines, but alas the product didn't take off. I have to say, I'm pretty relieved that there isn't actually a doritos flavored soda out there. I don't think I'd be able to handle that. 

Here's a photo on Reddit showing more brands in this uncannily-canned format.

From Instagram: "For a second there, I thought they made a Nacho Cheese flavored soda which, I have to admit, made me gag a bit. But, in actuality, in 1998, Pepsi tested chips in a can at locations with a soda machine, but no snack machine as a way to capture more sales. When you think of it, not a bad idea and after all, who wouldn't want an aluminum can full of NACHO CHEESIER DORITOS?!?! Via @consumertc."