Dentman, the superhero for your teeth

Real-life superheroes are few and far between, especially given the state of the world right now. But if you can put your faith in anyone, you can put it in Dentman, a real-world costumed hero with one mission: helping you take care of your teeth.

Dentman is a classic example of the niche Japanese "local heroes", or people who put on a costume to help their community without being attached to any larger company or organization. These local heroes simply do it out of passion, which is something that seems to overflow from every one of Dentman's posts and media appearances.

When he's not posting periodic reminders to brush your teeth, he's beefing with his archnemesis Mr. Mutans, a sentient piece of candy (because of course he is).

Interestingly, some theorize that Mr. Mutans is simply trying to win Dentman's enamel-covered heart. How deep does the Dentman lore go, and when is he going to show up in the MCU?