How to play movies on a vintage Atari 2600

Don't bother asking why. The more interesting question is how! Lodef Mode built a cartridge that enables you to play full movies using a vintage Atari 2600 console attached to your TV. Demo below! It's called the MovieCart and you can buy one or make your own with the info on GitHub.

"This started as simpler project in 2017 to see how far I could push the concept of full motion graphics on a nearly 50 year old machine never intended to show full motion graphics," Lodef Mode explains.

"This was never considered possible, and quite fun to re-imagine an alternative history in which Atari got into the home movie business instead of gaming. The movies are only 80×192 with severe limitations on color + sound quality, but if you squint your eyes, take a few steps back, you'll be rewarded with watching all your favourite videos on your favourite vintage console."

It can play any movie that's encoded on an SD card using the free software plugin.