Roommates flee apartment after mushrooms sprout from the floor (video)

Cousins Alissa Barton, 32, and Lara Norbury, 24, were pleased to move into their Cheshire, UK flat with a monthly rent of $1,650. But soon after, the fun gals were shocked by the fungi that had sprouted behind their TV set. Rather quickly, many more popped up through the floorboards and the place began to stink, so the tenants packed up and left.

"It's started with one tiny one and it just bloomed so quick," Barton says. "Within six to eight weeks it went from one to 15 at least – that we can see,"

However, when Barton contacted the real estate agent who found them the place, the agent was apparently "full of shittake," as the New York Post perfectly puts it.

"She just emailed me back and said 'it's probably just a bit cold and damp in that particular area… It just needs removing and the area needs wiping down with a surface cleaner,'" Barton explains.

From the NY Post:

A representative for Bridgfords, the realty company managing the property, denied that they had been notified of the mushroom problem, and put the blame on the cousins for not reporting the issue correctly."We of course want to ensure all repairs are handled correctly and promptly, in this instance the full extent of the issue was not known."

The company vowed to raise the floorboards and inspect for moisture now that the property had been vacated.

(Thanks, Chanté McCormick!)