Disastrously disappointing "Willy's Chocolate Experience" will be a movie

Remember last week's story of the disastrously disappointing "Willy's Chocolate Experience" in Glasgow, Scotland? As we wrote, the £35 ticket promised "captivating live performances featuring charming characters singing original catchy tunes. Marvel at extraordinary props, oversized lollipops, and a paradise of sweet treats… Brace yourself for an adventure that will leave you spellbound!" Instead, attendees were greeted with a poorly decorated warehouse in Whiteinch, Glasgow, containing a small inflatable castle, bland vinyl backdrops taped to the wall, sparse plastic props, and sullen Oompa-Loompas. And now, the absurdity is coming to the big screen in a parody (?) horror movie featuring the bizarre villain from the immersive experience!

From Yahoo! News:

The [Glasgow] event's script (which was also reportedly AI-generated) introduced a villain called The Unkown, an "evil chocolate maker who lives in the walls." Clips featuring The Unknown quickly went viral as the character, who wears a mask and black cape, jumped out from behind mirrors to scare children.

"The film, gearing up for production and a late 2024 release, follows a renowned illustrator and his wife who are haunted by the tragic death of their son, Charlie," Kaledonia Pictures said of the forthcoming movie. "Desperate to escape their grief, the couple leave the world behind for the remote Scottish Highlands – where an unknowable evil awaits them."

(Thanks, Chanté McCormick!)