Hilariously lackluster tourism video for Memphis

"It's where Elvis lived"

Youtuber Ryan Hailey hails from beautiful, humid, sunny Memphis and has a lot of places to recommend from his hometown. Mostly, his pro tips consist of pointing you towards good and/or questionable BBQ joints and an oversize Bass Pro Shop. If you enjoyed the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video (parts one and two!) and were hoping for a similar treatment for Elvis' hometown, look no further!

Hailey's made a ton of other work, but his MCU (Memphis Cinematic Universe) series is closest to home. Memphis, like other mid-size cities in the US, is very deserving of some love. Whether this is a love letter or kind or a glib summary of Memphis' humid, simultaneously over and under appreciated vibe is up to you. This is probably not the content that the city council had in mind to bolster their tourism industry, but hey… press is press, right?

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