Watch: Intense wordless introduction to Butoh, a form of Japanese dance theater

"What is Butoh?" You might be asking. Great question, here, maybe this Tedx talk will help.

Butoh is difficult to define form of dance-theater. Its practitioners don't have a consensus on its definition, but it's loosely described as a dance of distress and darkness. It spawned from post-atomic-bomb Japan, as a reaction from the avant garde against western modes of dance. Dancers generally interpret their body as being moved from an external or internal source. Control and lack of control are relative. Beyond that, you'd have to watch this Tedx talk, which I think elaborates on butoh's themes and complexities nicely. Sometimes, it's better to show than say. This is one of those cases.

Taketeru is a prolific contributor to the form, leading notoriously difficult workshops and dedicating himself to his craft entirely. If you find ballet a little repetitive or stiff, butoh might be just what the thing you're looking for. I'm certainly a fan.

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