Let them eat snake: python farming an "efficient" food source

Scientists are encouraging us to further assert our dominance in the food chain by eating pythons. Raising livestock is an ecologically taxing process, with conventional farming. Cows, pigs, all the classic meat sources that are farmed on an industrial scale come at a steep price for planet longevity. And with climate change, the stability of crops that are used to feed livestock have come into question. So, I have to ask you, have you considered snake?

As large-bodied, fast-growing ectotherms with flexible digestive physiologies, our study confirms that pythons have considerable agricultural potential. The pythons in our study were capable of high food conversion ratios and rapid growth rates, and can tolerate long periods of fasting without substantial loss of mass. The dietary treatments that we offered did not significantly influence growth rates of the snakes, suggesting that pythons exhibit efficient protein conversion ratios under a range of dietary and production scenarios. Our findings support previous studies highlighting the role of snake farms in facilitating efforts to control rodent pests, and in upcycling waste-protein resources to close nutrient cycle loops.

Natusch, D., Aust, P.W., Caraguel, C. et al. Scientific Reports

So what I've gathered from this is that pythons are magic protein machines. Scientists are always trying to push bugs on us, eating bugs is the future this, eating bugs is the future that. Sure, I'm game, but cricket is a little bland without excessive seasoning, believe me. Snake is something between, yes, chicken and alligator or frog, if done correctly. Like the eel of the land. Here's to an interesting future in food and nutrition.

In terms of food and protein conversion ratios, pythons outperform all mainstream agricultural species studied to date. The ability of fasting pythons to regulate metabolic processes and maintain body condition enhances food security in volatile environments, suggesting that python farming may offer a flexible and efficient response to global food insecurity.

Natusch, D., Aust, P.W., Caraguel, C. et al. Scientific Reports

Sounds good to me, but I really wish they'd include some recipes.

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