New York poised to legalize adultery

There are a lot of weird laws on the books in the United States. According to Black's Law Dictionary, you can be charged with a crime for the following:

In Skamania County, Washington, it is a misdemeanor to harm Bigfoot.

In Massachusetts, remixing the National Anthem is illegal, and I kind of agree with this one because no one needs to hear this: 

I know that is not technically a remix, but what the hell?

In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to sell a baby, but it is only a misdemeanor.

The Law Dictionary list includes a South Berwick, Maine law that prohibits parking in front of Dunkin Donuts because those spots are reserved for police officers. Sadly, it turns out that it is illegal to park in front of one specific Dunkin' Donuts because there are no parking spaces in front, which makes sense but is not funny.

This brings us to adultery. Laws against adultery are rare in the industrialized world. There are no laws in any European country prohibiting it. However, 17 states in the United States criminalize adultery, including three where it is charged as a felony. New York Assemblyman Charles Levine is taking a brave stance by sponsoring Assembly Bill A4714, which would repeal the New York law against adultery. The bill passed the assembly 137-10 and is awaiting a vote in the Senate. [via NBC News]

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