World's smallest movie theater runs on solar power

The Sol Cinema [via Atlas Obscura] is the world's smallest movie theater, and runs on solar power.

You can watch a film in this cute, environmentally friendly theater in Ceredigion, Wales. The theater is built inside of a 60's style travel trailer, which goes on tours around South Wales to screen films about the environment. Up to 8 people can sit inside at a time.

From Atlas Obscura:

"The Sol Cinema was Built by artist Paul O'Connor and others at Undercurrents, a British art collective. Sol Cinema is powered entirely by the sun. The theater uses a small LED projector that is powered by lithium ion batteries, which are, in turn, powered by a solar panel on the outside of the trailer.Because the batteries can store power, the theater runs day and night and is constantly visiting events, festivals, and other parties."

This looks like such a fun experience. I hope to see more tiny theaters popping up in the future!