Protecting Vancouver's pedestrians, one highly-realistic foam brick at a time

Activists in Vancouver are building a safer city for pedestrians, one brick at a time.  According to The Daily Hive a group called Vision One Vancouver has taken a unique approach to protecting people from speeding or careless cars — placing baskets of bricks on either side of a busy crosswalk.

They targeted a location on Granville Island, a dangerous crossing over a busy 4 lane roadway with limited visibility.

"This unpleasant pedestrian experience, besides being unsafe, also makes people less likely to want to come walk or cycle down to the island. That causes many to choose to drive instead, creating a vicious cycle."

The city offered to put up reduced speed signs, but Vision One felt a more direct approach was needed.

"We wanted to show that there are real things we can do, even if it's just waving around a brick," the group continued.  "Suddenly they have no problem seeing and stopping for pedestrians!" advocates said. 

For those worried about masonry-based confrontations, the "bricks" in question are made of foam, because Canadian niceness isn't a myth.