Hypnotic and insightful video of old school comic book inking

Shane Patrick White has an excellent video detailing the process of inking an original panel of comic book art on his channel. Watching any level of artistic mastery is always a delight, and White is no exception. In the video, he details each step and nuance to creating a work of art like this—warming up by outlining black areas, rotating the page, when and where he applies a feather technique, etc.

He offers insight into when to pull the brush towards or away from the body, which brushes to use and how many of them to buy at a time. Right around the 9:55 mark, the camera pulls in and slows down, letting us see each brushstroke in real time.

It took him about eight years of consistent practice for White to master this degree of skilled brushwork, and it definitely shows. Watch this sci-fi vision of the future become reality (in two dimensions!) and learn a lot about inking techniques in the process. Even if you have no interest in learning inking yourself, it's still very pleasant to watch this image come together. It's reminiscent of Jack Kirby, decadent machinery and all, but with soft edges. Enjoy!

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