UK court bans convicted sex offender from using generative AI

Anthony Dover, 48, was recently convicted in Britain as a sex offender. His crime: creating more than 1,000 AI-generated images of child pornography, using the software known as Stable Diffusion. As punishment, Dover was given a community order and forced to pay a fine — and is also now banned from using any generative AI software of any kind, for any reason at all, without the explicit approval of the police, "as a condition of a sexual harm prevention order."

From The Guardian:

The ban prohibits him from using tools such as text-to-image generators, which can make lifelike pictures based on a written command, and "nudifying" websites used to make explicit "deepfakes".


Recent cases suggest it is increasingly being used to deal with the threat posed by sophisticated artificial content. In one going through the courts in England, a defendant who has indicated a guilty plea to making and distributing indecent "pseudo photographs" of under-18s was bailed with conditions including not accessing a Japanese photo-sharing platform where he is alleged to have sold and distributed artificial abuse imagery, according to court records.

In another case, a 17-year-old from Denbighshire, north-east Wales, was convicted in February of making hundreds of indecent "pseudo photographs", including 93 images and 42 videos of the most extreme category A images. At least six others have appeared in court accused of possessing, making or sharing pseudo-photographs – which covers AI generated images – in the last year.

The Guardian does also note that there's no clear data about the use, spread, or proliferation of AI-generated "pseudo photographs" (whether they depict children or adults without their consent). But either way: this feels like a complex landmark moment in the history of both AI-generated content, and of sex crimes.

Sex offender banned from using AI tools in landmark UK case [Shanti Das / The Guardian]

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