Sour Patch Kids Oreos are apparently real now

In 2022, Sour Patch Kids joked about a collab with Oreos:

But what was a joke has become a reality. As my friend who shared this with me said, "These will either be an abomination unto food or amazing." Thankfully, the real ones are made with golden Oreo cookies, not chocolate, as that would indeed be an abomination.

They are not supposed to be on shelves until May 6th and can be ordered online as of today, but this gentleman got his hands on some early due to a stocking error. He says he isn't going to narc on the store that made the mistake, but he does at the end, so watch the whole thing if you really need to have some right now. 


SOUR PATCH KIDS OREOS EXIST?! foodtiktok oreos foodreview viral

♬ original sound – King Schratz

I love Sour Patch Kids and Oreos, so although this definitely feels like an unholy alliance, I have to try them.

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