Listen to this trippy electronic ode to the great Waluigi

Boston-based musician and songwriter Justin Wong from their indie surf rock band Orca Bones to create a new electronic album called, simply, Odes 2.0. The album features 5, well, odes to a wide range characters, from Sailer Moon to pop star Faye Wong.

But my favorite track is, of course, Wong's tribute to the postmodern legend known only as Waluigi. As Wong explains:

The 2nd Ode is for Waluigi. Misunderstood and underrated, he is the only Nintendo regular that only exists as a shadow of a shadow… no wonder why he is so overlooked. Poor little fella, you'll always be my main in Smash Bros.

A crowd favorite that needed to be re-recorded, remixed, and remastered, this song combines a hip hop-ish beat with vocals that are inspired by Buddhist chanting and Chinese mountain singing (山歌) with plenty of wrong notes to remind us all how Waluigi has been wronged.

I genuinely how thoughtful—and cool—this weird little jam is.

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