TSA agents ask flight passenger: "Is that a snake in your pants?"

TSA agents at Miami-Dade airport intercepted a man who had stuffed his pants with a secret Oakley bag containing a pair of snakes.

Fox59 reports that the TSA' screening technology's advanced imaging technology revealed "an anomaly in his midsection." When they pulled the man aside for a pat down, he confessed immediately.

"He admitted there were snakes in his pants," the TSA spokesperson said.

The snakes were taken and given to U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Miami-Dade Police, who then turned them over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. The man with the snakes in his pants was not allowed to board his flight, though its unclear what, if any, other charges were brought for the crime of trying to bring some motherfucking snakes onto a motherfucking plane.

Miami TSA agents catch man hiding snakes in his pants [Michael Bartiromo & Nathaniel Rodriguez / Fox 59]