Ancient statue of extraterrestrial was unfortunately neither

Utility workers in Mozimba, Acapulco were excavating deep into a roadway when the uncovered what appeared to be a significant archaeological find. They had unearthed a bizarre-looking statue that quickly captured the public imagination. See below. According to TV Azeteca Guerrero, "archaeology enthusiasts from all over Mexico" argued that the statue was not in line with any pre-Hispanic iconography, leading some to declare that the ancient artifact must depict an extraterrestrial being,

"The face of the main character and the shape of the skull that he holds with his left hand, as well as the limbs with three fingers, are related to current alien representations, which is outside the pre-Hispanic context, reasons why the sculpture is not of pre-Hispanic origin nor can it be considered archaeological cultural heritage," explains the National Institute of Anthropology and History in a translated Facebook post.

So what in the world—or off it—could this be?

"The piece seems to correspond to a series of current manufactured sculptures that reflect a popular imaginary of aliens, made by artisans from western Mexico," the scientists state.

It most likely ended up in the drainage channel following the destruction of a home during Hurricane Otis last year.

(via Coast to Coast)