This drawbridge is a work of art

Slauerhoffbrug, or Slauerhoff Bridge, known locally as the Slauerhoffbrug 'Flying' Drawbridge" or Frog Bridge, is a drawbridge in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. However, this isn't like any other drawbridge I have ever seen. It is beautiful from both and artistic and technical standpoint.

Popular Mechanics:

The Slauerhoffbrug is built in an L-shape, bending the bearing bars that lead to the deck, with the foundation built beside the bridge. The principal beams and cross girders are absent. This allows a low construction height that increases the lifting height. And in true Dutch fashion, this tail bridge isn't just an engineering feat, but a work of art. It is painted in yellow and blue, representative of Leewaurden's flag and seal. The asymmetrical shape can be seen for miles when the deck is completely raised and locked upright in midair.

Even when fully lowered, the bridge has a unique look, with soft curves you don't usually associate with civil engineering projects.

In a partially raised position, it looks a bit like a robot delivering a package.

Once fully raised it again looks like a work of art.

Here is the bridge in action.

Here is a mechanical Lego version of the Slauerhoffbrug, along with some other interesting bridges from around the world.

Whippit-huffing driver leaps rising drawbridge
Car leaps opening drawbridge