POV ride of Kennywood's Jackrabbit in the 1930s

This POV rollercoaster ride was filmed in the 1930s at Pittsburgh's Kennywood amusement park. 

I've been on this ride myself, and it looks like it hasn't changed a bit. Despite being an old, wooden coaster, this ride is surprisingly thrilling and lives up to its name as it feels like its bouncing up and down a series of hills on the track. 

From youtube: "The Jack Rabbit at Kennywood may not be the world's oldest roller coaster, but it's close! And we're pretty confident this POV video, likely from the 1930s, is the oldest such version of what's become a time-honored tradition of providing virtual experiences on your favorite coaster rides! Jack Rabbit celebrates its centennial in 2020 – come and enjoy the ride: www.kennywood.com" 

Kennywood Jack Rabbit The World's Oldest Coaster POV!

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