Cornhub to be culled in Indiana and Kentucky

Did I say Cornhub? Sorry, Pornhub. Pornhub will be inaccessible in two corn belt states in just a few days, and Pornhub wants users to know about it.

Rather than comply with contentious age-verification laws enacted by Kentucky and Indiana, Pornhub's parent company Aylo has decided to salt the earth completely.

"Did you know that your government wants you to give your driver's license before you can access PORNHUB?," the message says, "As crazy as that sounds, it's true. As of July 10, you'll be required to prove you are 18 years or older such as by uploading your government ID for every adult content website you'd like to access. We don't want minors accessing our site and think preventing that from happening is a good thing. But putting everybody's privacy at risk won't achieve that." It links to a video about device-based verification and an op-ed on the topic by Pornhub's Head of Community and Brand Alexzandra Kekesi.


Pornhub will become inaccessible in Indiana in about a week and three in Kentucky.

Pornhub has blocked itself in order to remain compliant with age verification laws, including Texas, Montana, North CarolinaVirginiaLouisianaArkansasMississippi, and Utah.

Indiana's Senate Enrolled Act 17 will require adult websites to verify users' ages with government ID or another "reasonable" method, and is set to go into effect on July 1. Kentucky's law is set to take effect on July 15.

But don't worry, is doing fine.