A visit to the museum of hell

Enjoy hell on Earth at Hell's Museum, a curious attraction at Singapore's Haw Par Villa park. The museum features installations, dioramas, and more than 1,000 statues depicting various Asian perspectives on death and hell.

Organized around ten Courts of Hell, the exhibits are "the result of the mixing of four different religions and philosophies: Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Confucianism," explains chief curator Eisen Teo in SCMP. "The sculptures and dioramas are a visual dissection of many classics, stories and moral values that many Singaporeans have and are familiar with."

For example, one scene depicts scammers being frozen in ice while another shows rapists punished by a boiling oil bath.

"Discover how concepts behind the graphic representations of sins and punishments in the afterlife evolved as ancient civilisations shared their cultures across time and space," the museum site promises. "Visit us for an eye-opening experience and have a hell of a time!"

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