Stay cool for the summer with this portable neck fan, now $36!

TL;DR: Profuse summer sweats are definitely here, so let this wearable neck fan keep your bod chill. Head directly to checkout to grab the summer's ultimate accessory on sale for only $35.99 (reg. $49)!

Hate sweating the minute you step out of your house or the car? It's unfortunate you can't bring your own personal AC…but what if we told you that it's actually possible?

You can beat the summer heat with this portable neck fan, which is super lightweight (just 180 grams!) and has a built-in LED light for safety. It's now on sale for only only $35.99 (reg. $49). Check out now to get it for almost 30% off!

The summer's coolest accessory (no pun intended!) comes with three wind speeds, so you can set it to the right one to cool you down on even the hottest days. Its lightweight and comfortable-fitting design makes it easy to wear or carry around wherever you're going, whether you're running errands or on your mid-day lunch walk.

It's also designed to go with you just about anywhere you go. Going to a tropical island this summer? Hitting the Parisian streets during the Olympics? This wearable fan is constructed out of eco-friendly ABS and carbon steel in a matte finish and has a foldable neck cord so you can stow it away in your luggage or backpack.

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If you're planning an all-day excursion, you'll love this neck fan's rechargeable 1800mAh battery (via USB-C) that lasts up to 5 hours if used on low, 4 hours on medium, and 2.5 hours if you're using its highest wind speed! Plus, the integrated LED light can come in handy if you're using this neck fan in the evening and want greater visibility while walking around.

Cooling off this summer can be easy when you skip right to checkout and make this portable neck fan with an LED yours for just $35.99!

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