These architectural building kits are going to become your new obsession

Building blocks are among a child’s first, and arguably, most important, toys. Once they start stacking one tentatively on top of another, the blocks not only spark waves of creativity, but actual real-world understanding of scientific principles like engineering and physics. It wouldn’t even be a stretch to call blocks on of the first true STEM toys.

Of course, the wonder of blocks never really goes away as through adolescence and even into adulthood, constructing models and other miniatures is an engaging and even soothing pastime for many. 

Architect Damien Murtagh definitely still feels that desire, even going so far as pioneering an entire modular building system so users can create their own scale model homes and buildings. Thus were born the Arckits, various building sets that can help children and adults develop fundamental design skills and spontaneous creativity through actual hands-on model building with no cutting, glue or other messes.

Little Architect Kids Model City Building Kit, 130+ pcs. - $44 after code

This kid-friendly set starts with 32 unique pastel-colored components to start creating skyscrapers, roads, parks and more, each unlocking the fundamentals of architecture. The Little Architect kit also includes a starter guide to create some step-by-step builds — or just wing it and fashion a cityscape of your very own. By using the code BUILDINGKIT5 at checkout, you can save $5.99 off the regular price.

Go Colors 2.0 Architect Scale Model House Building Kit for Kids, 160+ pcs. - $53 after code Go Plus 2.0 Kids Architect Scale Model House Building Kit, 160+ pcs. Read the rest

This expert-led training can help you figure out how to work in any environment

Time management and self-motivation, the ability to stay on task and achieve in the office or when you’re working with home, is the true test of any person’s professional mettle. While that’s easier said than done, those skills can be taught and developed as you’ll find in The 2020 Work From Anywhere Hacker Bundle.

The collection brings together seven courses covering nearly 100 hours of material aimed at maximizing your abilities in core personal skills like time management, working remotely, writing, and more.

With courses like Time Management, Learn How to Get Stuff Done and 10 Soft Skills You Need, you’ll develop the skills that will enhance your productivity and efficiency, no matter where you’re working. The training will help you devise a personalized productivity plan to get your life in balance while you develop the people skills, communication, attitudes, and social and emotional intelligence to chart your own destiny professionally and personally.

With Critical Thinking and Communication Strategies, you’ll develop key innovations using analytical thought systems and creative thinking techniques to further your goals. With all that in place, Learn Advanced Writing Skills and Building an Online Business can help further sharpen your vision, push your goals forward and maybe even strike out on your own as a self-made, self-driven web entrepreneur of your own.

The training is regularly a $199 package, but right now, the entire path to understanding and working smart is available for only $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Read the rest

This dual Bluetooth speaker set is twice the power at less than half the price

It’s easy to be instantly dismissive about most Bluetooth speakers, especially small travel-sized units. Over the past few years, makers of every shape, size, and variety have started pounding out Bluetooth speakers, many barely able to sound much better than your smartphone speaker, let alone provide the bass and volume heft of legitimate portable speakers from name brands like Bose or Sony.

But buyers of the Earhoox Dual Bluetooth Speaker Set are usually so charmed by this cute little tandem that they don’t even realize the quality of this package until it’s blazing away on their favorite tracks.

And yes, this set includes two speakers, a pair of sound pumpers both equipped to trade-off solos and split the workload that can send lowlier speakers running. Crafted from brushed metal, PU leather and other premium materials, these six-inch powerhouses don’t look or feel like anything less than top-quality audio equipment.

Of course, it’s only after they’re synced to your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device that their true colors really come to the surface. Each built around a formidable double magnetic 16 core speaker with bottom passive vibration film design and enhanced bass capabilities, these units each come together to deliver their parts in a great surround sound tag team. While most portable Bluetooth speakers strain to deliver the full depth of the music, these two are perfectly synchronized partners, pounding out dynamic stereo audio separated as it should be.

With 3 watts of power and 80dB intensity, these speakers have enough juice to be serving up your music while sitting on a desk, or hanging from the handlebars of your bike while trucking through the great outdoors.  Read the rest

Here's why you should consider changing your auto insurance

Did you know that you are free to change your auto insurance at any time? Maybe you do know that, but don't want to deal with the inconvenience of changing providers. Or maybe you simply already think you have a great deal.

The fact is that your car insurance is one of those expenses that should stay under constant surveillance. Company rates shift constantly, so the carrier you’ve been with forever may not be offering you the best deal anymore. 

And cost isn't the only reason to make a change. Online insurance provider Clearcover helps set you up with the best plan at the best rates available, all right from your phone, laptop, or favorite digital device. You read that right: no speaking to a soul over the phone.

And with their digital claims services, you can file a claim right through the Clearcover app immediately after an accident, expediting the process to resolve the situation and move on.

If you’re in one of the eight states that Clearcover serves (Arizona, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin — with several more to come in late 2020), all you have to do is go to the Clearcover website, enter some basic information and see what they have to offer.

As a company, Clearcover's mission is to serve low-cost premium policies with top-rated technology. So while there are no guarantees that Clearcover will beat your current provider, it’s not uncommon for new Clearcover customers to save $500 or more annually compared to their previous plans and get better coverage. Read the rest

Restflix thinks it’s cracked the code to a good night’s sleep and is now on sale for 50% off

According to researchers, stay-at-home orders in the US and around the globe are helping those working from home grab an extra 15 minutes of sleep per night. For college students, it’s even up to 30 extra minutes each night.

Meeting your quality sleep threshold is actually one of the greatest indicators of your overall health. For those who find themselves struggling, the Restflix Restful Sleep Streaming Service might just present a path for solving those problems.

Restflix is just what it sounds like — it’s Netflix for sleep. They offer over 20 personalized video channels full of meditative music, bedtime stories, soothing sounds, and restful images to help users fall asleep faster and get a deeper, more restful sleep.

The Restflix formula centers on using binaural beats, an approach that brings together two slightly different sound frequencies that your brain interprets as a single new frequency tone.

The Restflix videos utilizing the binaural beat method can then alter the brain’s degree of arousal, with almost three out of four subjects experiencing higher levels of melatonin, the brain chemical that regulates your sleep.

Through guided meditations, bedtime stories, and peaceful and serene natural views and sounds, Restflix can reshape your sleep habits and stave off insomnia, ill-effects of sleep disorders like weight gain, memory and cognition issues, a weakened immune system, and heart disease, among others. 

Just launched last month, you can watch Restflix now on bedroom TV or mobile device via  Google Play, Roku, Apple TV, and other streaming options. Read the rest

Learn data analysis with this eight-course, 38-hour package of training

Businesses used to thrive on the instincts of entrepreneurs. Guile, moxie, and a conviction to trust the gut was often the driving force behind a business’s biggest successes.

Today, there’s too much on the line to leave anything to chance, including betting your future on a whim. Instead, the stat-heads have taken over, data analysts who can break down every scrap of available information, tell you what it means and give you the clearest path to success. They can’t make business a sure thing, but data analytics might just be the closest thing to a sure thing most businesses ever see.

The Exclusive Business Analysis Certification Bundle with Jeremy Achenbrenner is the training that just might help data analytics make sense to you and even put you in a position to get hired as a highly paid statistical mastermind.

This eight-course, 38-hour package of training is led by Jerry Aschenbrenner, a business analyst who’s plied his craft in a variety of industries, including everything from health care and communications to financial services, and food and beverages. Holder of a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from reviews offered by nearly 166,000 of his students, Aschenbrenner is the guide who can make the numbers clear and examine to you what to do with them to drive our business forward.

Your introduction begins with Business Analysis Fundamentals, a beginner-friendly guide to basic elements that drive any business analyst’s career. Learn what a Business Analyst does, understand the project methodology, and make the case to properly launch an impactful business project. Read the rest

Here’s a startlingly simple way to keep house painting from becoming a huge mess

We’ve all dealt with paint cans — and keeping all those metal buckets full of sloshing paint from turning into a giant mess is pretty close to impossible. But you stand a better chance of finishing your project without the entire room looking like a Jackson Pollock painting with the help of the ingeniously simple Grip Drips Paint Can Rim Cover.

The Grip Drips is a low-density polyethylene ring that easily slips over the rim of any standard open U.S. one gallon paint can.

The ring’s primary job is a simple one, keeping the rim of the can from filling with paint. That protection not only helps keep paint from dripping around the edges of the can, but more importantly, maintains a clean-edged seal when the lid is replaced, ensuring your paint remains fresh, secure, and untainted until the can is reopened.

With the Grip Drips in place, you can get a better handle on a full can while still being able to easily pour paint from the can into a pan or use it as a firm edge to help scrape excess paint off your brush. 

And while figuring out where to set your brush down always turns into an issue when it’s loaded with paint, the Grip Drips also features a magnetic brush holder that snaps on and holds your brush in place for a moment without leaving a mess behind.

Once you’re done painting, the Grip Drips slips right off and the acetone-free ring can be washed with simple soap and water so it’s always ready for your next painting project. Read the rest

The Polycade Home is the arcade cabinet 2.0 for your house that will leave you floored

If you ever dropped a quarter into a Space Invaders game, you’ve likely fantasized about having your own arcade cabinet in your house. Of course, you likely thought better of it for several reasons, including the idea that a giant cabinet dedicated to just one game isn’t very practical.  

Polycade understands the urge though very, very well. So what if they could make you a home arcade machine that played all of your favorite classics, plus the biggest hits of today? And what if it was packed with top-of-the-line equipment and controls? And it was less than half the size of a bulky old cabinet?

At a sticker price of $3,899, the Polycade Home Plug and Play Mounted Arcade is definitely pricey, but once you factor in the cost of modern gaming platforms and games as well as the Polycade’s versatility, the economics don’t feel quite so impossible anymore.

Professionally mounted in your home, it actually feels like having an ATM on the wall of your house -- except this super-slim gaming system can play literally thousands of your favorite arcade and home platform games right out of the box.

With a 27-inch screen running a gaming-grade PC using a customized, optimized version of Steam as its interface, you can download new games from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s with ease and start playing. From Pac Man to Street Fighter and thousands more, all your favorite games for the NES, SNES, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx16, and more are all here. Read the rest

Get access to nearly 300,000 professionally-produced audio clips for all your projects

If you’ve ever worked on a video project or engineered a podcast and thought you’d make your own sound effects... how'd that go for ya?  We assume it was a bigger undertaking than you’d probably bargained for.

From using stalks of celery to replicate breaking tree limbs to frying bacon to reproduce the sound of rain, foley artists are just that — artists. And it’s no small feat to properly create, record, and mix all that sound into a realistic, balanced soundscape.

Instead of going DIY, you can leave all of your sound effect worries up to the professionals with a one-year subscription to Soundsnap Stock Audio and Sounds.

Soundsnap is 0ne of the most popular sound effects library online, offering more than 280,000 separate sound clips for unlimited downloading. That’s an archive more than twice as large as almost all the other major sfx options available. With clients like Disney, HBO, CBS, Pixar, and more using Soundsnap, you can feel confident they’ll have what you’re looking for.

And these are not lukewarm, poorly recorded files recorded off YouTube. All of Soundsnap’s audio is recorded by professional sound designers and engineers, including a collection of working Hollywood pros responsible for working on films like “The Dark Knight,” “Tron Legacy,” “Baby Driver” and more. 

All it takes is a quick spin through Soundsnap’s library to understand the scope of their offerings. If your work needs a crack of thunder, they’ve got over 800 different variations to choose from. If you need the sounds of a restaurant to create ambiance in your production, there are over 650 to try. Read the rest

The Royal Brew Nitro Coffee Maker is the at-home java game-changer you’ve been looking for

Always looking to put a new spin on a cup of joe, infusing your coffee with a blast of nitrogen produces a thicker, more full-bodied, naturally creamy, frothy variation on java that has been picking up steam with fans for the past decade.

 Of course, most of us don’t have nitrogen injectors just lying around, so if we want our burst of nitro-fueled beans, we have to head over to a coffe shop and plunk down $4 or $5 a cup.

Fortunately, the Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Machine and Dispenser offers perfect cold brew with all the nitro effects done right from your own kitchen or office.

By injecting those nitrogen gas bubbles, the coffee takes on a smoother, sweeter, foam-like texture that many often compare to the taste of a thick beer like Guinness Stout. The Royal Brew was the original home nitro system based on dispensers used for stouts, creating a special gas blend and pressurized faucet valve to produce the iced, rich, heady brew on your own.

Just add your coffee, shake well, inject nitro cartridges, then put it back in the fridge for about 90 minutes and you’re all set -- just tap your keg and serve.

In addition to the 64 oz. keg and nitrogen holders, the whole system also comes with its own carry bag so you can take it anywhere.

Regular coffee gets diluted with water, milk, and sugar, which also cuts down on your beverage’s caffeine potency. But nitro brewing makes the coffee so tasty it eliminates the need for additives like cream or sugar. Read the rest

From tree tents to headlamps, these 10 camping essentials will improve your summer

It’s summer. And this year, Europe and  Disney World just aren’t really all that feasible as part of your travel plans.

Yet especially with the last few months we’ve all endured, the need to get away and experience something new is like a raging fire in many of us. So if you can’t be around too many people these days, how about going where people ain’t?

Camping in the great — and vast — outdoors might be just what you need to decompress a bit, so stock up on these 10 tents, hammock and camping essentials, all at savings up to 60 percent, to make your time away as fulfilling as you need it to be.

Nylon Mesh Hammock - $17.99; originally $29

Sleeping on the ground is never comfortable, so this premium nylon and mesh hammock is ideal for sleeping under the stars without grimacing your way through the whole night. Portable and lightweight at less than 8 ounces, it holds up to 220 pounds comfortably for a relaxing afternoon swing or a full night’s slumber.

Foldable Nylon Hammock - $34.99; originally $49

With durable nylon construction and anchored by twin metal carabiners, this beast can support up to 485 pounds of weight. It’s also extremely versatile, foldable into a carrying back that even includes a strap for improved portability when you’re hiking to your campsite.

Natural Cotton Rope Hammock - $79.99; originally $199

Hand-dyed and woven from 100 percent natural cotton with soft to the touch materials, the Yellow Leaf hammock comes from a thicker weaving yarn, so you can hang with no flipping or even those waffle print markings all over your body. Read the rest

The SkyTote Battery Sleeve for your Amazon Echo sets Alexa free

Where would we be without Alexa? Without Amazon’s virtual assistant, who would we ask to play back our favorite songs or tell us the weather or beatbox? No, seriously...ask Alexa to beatbox.

Of course, Alexa does have her limitations. The biggest one being that she’s tethered to an electrical outlet. For the vastness of her all-knowing powers, Alexa, and the Amazon Echo she’s working through, are dependent on staying plugged in, which means their range only extends as far as the power cord.

The SkyTote Battery Sleeve seeks to change all that, taking your Amazon Echo off the chain so Alexa can freely roam anywhere within your WiFi range.

The SkyTote works with all second-generation Amazon Echo units. All you have to do is slide the factory casing off your Echo, open the battery cover at the base, slip the SkyTote over the top -- and now, your Echo is cordless. The two sync right up, so rather than getting a new Echo for every room in your house, you can now just take one room-hopping with you.

The SkyTote sports a rechargeable 8,800mAh lithium-ion battery that lasts up to eight hours on a single charge. Unencumbered, the SkyTote even lets you take Alexa out of the house, so long as you can keep her connected to your vehicle WiFi or a smartphone hotspot.

A set of four LEDs on the base always keep you aware of its current power levels, and a power button lets you shut the speaker down to preserve your battery life when it isn't in use. Read the rest

FunEasyLearn can help you learn your favorite foreign language your way

Learning a new language is like stepping up to the base of Mount Everest. You know you’ve got one heck of a climb ahead of you. 

But while the sheer magnitude of the task ahead scares away many climbers, the real trick is finding the path up that best fits with your skills and capabilities.

FunEasyLearn thinks they’ve locked in on some effective methods that can get learners to that language summit of full proficiency in a foreign tongue, no matter how they learn best.

With millions of worldwide teaching success stories already, not to mention a rock solid 4.5 out of 5 star rating from Google Play and Apple App Store users, FunEasy Learn offers a full package of language training in any of 34 different languages. They can train up students in  popular options like Spanish, French, German, Russian or Japanese or with more specialized possibilities like Bulgarian, Turkish or Indonesian.

Whether you’re a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a verbal learner, the FunEasyLearn app uses science and game-based methods to build your vocabulary, syntax, and speaking skills naturally. 

Created by a team of certified linguists and acting teachers, the learning experience adjusts to the personal interests, knowledge level, and learning abilities of each user. With massive vocabulary training in over 11,000 different words and phrases, FunEasyLearn combines proven memorization techniques and gamification tools. 

If you learn best by seeing, you’ll appreciate the hand-drawn illustrations and GIFs that accompany your words collected into over 300 different topics. If you learn best by hearing, you can listen to their high-quality audio files recorded by native-speaking voice actors. Read the rest

The ToothShower lets you brush, floss and handle all your oral care easily right in the shower

While we all like to think that we’re honest people, the truth is that little white lies spring up all the time. You don’t intend to lie. But through surprise or embarrassment or just a desire not to start a situation, falsehoods start tumbling out of your mouth.

Like the last time your dentist asked if you flossed. You probably said yes. That was probably a lie because we know only about 30 percent of us actually do floss every day. But at least we’re mostly honest about our lying because almost half of us admit we’ve exaggerating our flossing regimen to our dentist.

It’s usually not because you hate flossing. It’s just so easy to forget. However, that might no longer be the case with the help of something like the ToothShower Water Flosser Suite 2.0.

The ToothShower takes a stealthy approach to your flossing, working to encourage you to handle all of your oral hygiene tasks as part of your daily shower routine.

Unlike the mess of a countertop water flosser that inevitably sprays everywhere, the ToothShower hooks easily to your showerhead so you can handle the whole procedure right there in the shower with zero mess.

And this isn’t just an irrigating water spray in your mouth either since the ToothShower is actually a three-piece system. First, you can use the dual-headed toothbrush to scrub the fronts and backs of your teeth at the same time. Then, fire up the irrigating gum messenger, which both exercises your gums to increase blood flow while loosening plaque that can form at the gumline. Read the rest

This masterclass in Python training can help you becoming a coding master

For years, Python has remained one of the most popular and most effective programming languages around just because it’s so darn easy to use. From its simple programming syntax to its code readability and a command structure that’s almost like basic English, young coders intuitively start getting the Python process after a basic introduction.

Of course, an entire programming discipline doesn’t just effortlessly tumble into your brain. It does take some time and work to progress from first-time user to experienced coder to Python master. That’s a trajectory you’ll be more than equipped to follow with the training in The Python 3 Complete Masterclass Certification Bundle.

This package brings together seven different courses featuring more than 30 hours of training, leading beginning Python students through the fundamentals of building sites, apps and more with Python through to more advanced operations like database automation, statistical analysis, web scraping network programming and more.

The training begins with the centerpiece of this bundle, the four-part Python 3 Masterclass course, aimed directly at anyone short on exposure, but big on desire to start learning Python from scratch.

In Python 3 Complete Masterclass: Part 1, students dive into the Python pool, using relevant real-world examples and hands-on exercises to start working with Python strings and string methods, as well as how to handle syntax errors and exceptions when they happen. 

With Python 3 Complete Masterclass: Part 2, the scope widens into what Python can do with other real-life apps, including automation processes allowing Python to have Excel sheets populating themselves, create database tables, commit and roll back transactions, configure multiple devices at once and more. Read the rest

This fitness-centric smartwatch has all your Google app favorites for under $80 

As the Wear OS revolution chugs on, we can expect to see more diversity in smartwatch design, including more stylish and elegant models for business or a night out; as well as those better suited to the rough and tumble of sports and workouts.

The TicWatch Sport Smartwatch definitely fits into the later category, engineered by maker Mobvai as a one-stop home fitness center on your wrist powered by the entire Google app ecosystem.

Sporting a clean, simple design, the TicWatch S is packed with all the features an active user would need. Integrated with the extensive Google Fit app, users have full access to all of its features, from a distance tracker and step counter for measuring walks and runs to a heart rate monitor for registering your heart rate in real-time with a built-in PPG sensor and even the ability to get personalized coaching tips. 

Of course, it’s still a smartwatch so in addition to its workout aids, the TicWatch also handles all the standard wearable OS tasks, allowing Android users to make and receive calls, reply to messages, get news notifications and even stream music right from your wrist.

A Google-enabled device, TicWatch also works hand in hand with Google Assistant, so you can ask a question, text or call, or use one of the thousands of Google-compatible apps, all with the sound of your voice.

Built for an active lifestyle, the TicWatch is also more than at home outside, despite its award-winning design. As well as its sporty bezel display and breathable watch band, this model also has an integrated GPS antenna for more accurate tracking as well as IP67 water-resistance to keep up with you, even on rainy days. Read the rest

For small businesses, QuickBooks Essentials remains an accounting gold standard

 Every company needs to have a firm grasp on their bottom line. But while every company used to have their official ledger books or one of those old-school physical world accountings of a company’s every asset and expenditure, many firms don’t work that way anymore. Oh, they all still balance their “books” (if they want to survive, that is), but many of those full accountancies are now solely housed on the web.

With a one-year subscription to QuickBooks Essential Plan, you’ll not only be able to turn your business into a paperless environment, but you’ll also get all the tools needed to make all of your business financials accessible 24/7/365 from anywhere.

For the past three decades, QuickBooks has been the gold standard for small business accounting -- and now, this package will help any company, especially those who do plenty of invoicing, get all their business affairs in perfect order, all online.

QuickBooks allows you and up to two others full access to everything, including all the features and streamlined processes to help turn your organization into a machine of efficiency without dominating your time.

With QuickBooks, you can track income and expenses, send invoices, accept payments, send estimates, organize receipts, manage bills and perform all the tasks it takes for a full up-to-the-minute understanding of your company’s fiscal health.

In addition to features like the ability to fire off multiple payments to multiple vendors all at once or creating your own digital checks, QuickBooks is also full of reporting modes so you can get a look at every aspect of your company’s performance. Read the rest

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