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Confuse loved ones with Adam Driver Valentine's Day cards

A former Marine, actor Adam Driver has been in a lot of things: Girls, a couple of Star Wars movies, and much more. Now, thanks to artist Brandon Bird (previously), he's the focus of a Valentine's Day card set.

A set of three Adam Driver Valentine's Day cards are available for $7 at Bird's site. Read the rest

Mr. T as a snowflake is Brandon Bird's new 'T-mas' card design

Remember that guy with the Jerry Orbach tribute car? Well, this is his 2017 holiday card design.

For the past few years, artist Brandon Bird has put sets of "T-mas" cards for sale in his online store. All the cards feature eighties icon Mr. T in a variety of holiday scenes. This year's card is called Precious Snowflake, as it imagines the gold-chained, mohawked A-Team star's as a paper snowflake design.

Bird shares the "T-mas" origin story:

The T-mas card tradition began with "Peace" in 2006 and "Believe" in 2008, and since 2011 I've tasked myself with creating a new design every year...

But the tradition of T-mas itself goes back further, to my sister, who decided we needed a holiday to celebrate America's only true folk hero. T-mas activities include the writing of Pity Lists, the construction of wooden "fools" from sticks which are tossed onto an open fire, and of course a hearty meal including lots of nutritious vegetables and milk. Though usually held in winter, T-mas can be celebrated any day. But remember, if you disrespect anyone's mother, T-mas is cancelled and you have to wait another year!

(I pity the fool who disrespects anyone's mother.)

Here's a look at some of his past year's T-mas card designs (most are still available for purchase):

Ginger T, art by Dyna Moe

Winter Wonderland, a collaboration with Erin Pearce

Peace on Earth (the original T-mas card)

A Hero Rides Forth

See the rest at Bird's online shop. Read the rest

Artist Brandon Bird talks about his Jerry Orbach tribute car

Last year artist Brandon Bird crowdfunded the creation of the Jerry Orbach Memorial Art Car, bringing in over $23,000.

In this Super Deluxe video, Bird shares why he was inspired to create this badass "rolling memorial" of the Law & Order actor.

He says:

"In a way I've been given this sort of gift of having an awesome Jerry Orbach car to drive around in but, in another way, it should be the world's gift. It's gotta go out there and do good, just as Jerry Orbach would."

Rock on, Mr. Bird, rock on.

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No One Wants to Play Sega with Harrison Ford

Richard Metzger is the current Boing Boing guest blogger.

Artist Brandon Bird's website has many pleasures, including the lovely piece above these words, "No One Wants to Play Sega with Harrison Ford." I really wish this painting were mine. I'm so jealous of whoever owns it. A pity that all the prints are sold out, too. Maybe if enough people email him and want them, he'll do a new edition! Are you listening Brandon?

Do not miss the "Letters to Walken" section of his site documenting an art project of Bird's that saw school children writing their annual Christmas letters to ... Christopher Walken.

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Law and Order Valentines

Brandon Bird has created an hilarious set of 10 Law and Order themed Valentines, and he'll sell 'em to you.


(Thanks, Andy!)

Update: Lyle sez, "He's no longer taking orders." Read the rest

Law and Order coloring book

Brandon Bird has made his very own fan-art Law and Order coloring book -- and produced a limited-edition print run at $12 per.


(via Dive into Mark)

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