Librarians must resist trumpism

Radical librarian Jason Griffey (previously) wants librarians to continue their 21st century leadership in the resistance to surveillance and persecution — a proud record that includes the most effective stands against GW Bush's Patriot Act — by pledging to make libraries safe havens from trumpism and its evils: electronic surveillance; racial and gender-based discrimination; and the assertion that ideology trumps empirical reality.

How libraries can save the Internet of Things from the Web's centralized fate

Everyone thinks libraries have a positive role to play in the world, but that role differs greatly based on whether you’re talking to a librarian or a patron. Ask a patron what libraries have in common and they’d probably answer: they share books with people. Librarians give a different answer: they share a set of values. It’s time for libraries to step up to those values by supporting access to the Internet and taking the lead in fighting to keep the Internet open, free, and unowned.

Librarians' struggle with Open Access publishing

Jason Griffey has released an excellent paper on the tension within the library system between the endorsement on one hand of the Open Access model of scholarly publishing (in which scholarly materials are published gratis under permissive, Creative Commons licenses, and authors pay for for peer review; as opposed to the reigning model in which scholarly publications cost research institutes small fortunes) as being good for librarians and researchers; and on the other hand of the American Library Association's own journals, which are contracted-for and published under restrictive regimes that limit copying and sharing. — Read the rest

Printable felony sarcasm

Inspired by last week's story about a teenager who was arrested and charged with a felony for putting rude, sarcastic note in his bag for TSA checkers to find, Jason Griffey has produced a printable two-up PDF of the note in question for you to include in your luggage, if you feel like becoming a felon yourself. — Read the rest