Twitter bans Wired journalist who reported on hack of right-wing pundit's Twitter account

Self-proclaimed "theocratic fascist" Matt Walsh — who has previously claimed that anime is "satanic" and that mermaids are scientifically incapable of being black — had his Twitter account hacked on Tuesday night. Wired journalist Dell Cameron reached out to the person behind the hack, and reported loose details on how the person managed to compromise nearly all of Walsh's accounts. — Read the rest

DOJ accuses Verizon and AT&T employees of participating in SIM-swap identity theft crimes

The DOJ has indicted three former Verizon and AT&T employees for alleged membership in a crime-ring known as the "The Community"; the indictment says the telco employees helped their confederates undertake "port-out" scams (AKA "SIM-swapping" AKA "SIM hijacking"), which allowed criminals to gain control over targets' phone numbers, thereby receiving SMS-based two-factor authentication codes.