danah boyd explains the connection between the epistemological crisis and the rise of far-right conspiratorial thinking

Back in 2017, I started writing about the "epistemological crisis" ("we're not living through a crisis about what is true, we're living through a crisis about how we know whether something is true. We're not disagreeing about facts, we're disagreeing about epistemology"); danah boyd picked up on that theme later that year, making the connection between "media literacy" education and the crisis ("If we're not careful, 'media literacy' and 'critical thinking' will simply be deployed as an assertion of authority over epistemology").

danah boyd explains email sabbaticals

Many years ago, danah boyd taught me her fool-proof method for an email-free holiday — a procedure for switching off your email while on vacation, without offending your co-workers, friends, and correspondents. I've used danah's method ever since, and I swear by it: being able to go on holiday from my email and knowing that I won't be clobbered by a mountain of backlog when I return is literally life-changing. — Read the rest

How kids use the net now, from danah boyd

Teen net-researcher danah boyd (@zephoria) has been taking parental questions about teens' use of the net on Twitter and here are her responses:

@mirroredpool: What borders to teens place of social networking sites and education? How would they react to using an SNS to do class work?

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danah boyd's PhD thesis: Teen sociality online

Dr danah boyd's newly-minted PhD from UC Berkeley was awarded based on her fantastic thesis project, "Taken Out of Context: American Teen Sociality in Networked Publics." danah's ground-breaking research on how kids (especially marginal kids) use the Internet has been featured here a lot — she was one of the contributors to Mimi Ito's gigantic Digital Youth Project, and the attorneys general's report on the relative absence of pedophiles online. — Read the rest

Danah boyd's ETECH talk: geeks should learn from "muggles"

Danah boyd's morning keynote at the O'Reilly Emerging Tech conference was called "Incantations for Muggles: The Role of Ubiquitous Web 2.0 Technologies in Everyday Life." Danah started with the premise that we treat techies as the people who understand technology best, but that maybe it's the naifs — kids, disenfranchised people, techno have-nots — who have the best insight into how technology should work. — Read the rest

danah boyd talks social networks – video

Ken sez, "danah boyd, the latest speaker in the ibiblio.org speaker series, is up on the ibiblio.org web site. In this talk, she gives an awesome, in depth talk on social networks and why people are using them. She touches on the history of social networks, how the online communities came into being, and some of the forces working on them today." — Read the rest

Danah boyd's Friendster papers, all in one place

Hacker/social scientist danah boyd has published some amazing research on Friendster, work that is generalizable to most articulated social networking services. Danah's research has turned up all kinds of fascinating and useful truths about social networking services, and now she's grouped all her papers together with summaries in one place: great reading. — Read the rest