Astounding t-shirt art, created by marker-wielding open source hardware plotters

Evil Mad Scientist Labs sell a bunch of cool open source hardware kits for making plotters -- basically, a very precise robot arm that draws with whatever pen or marker you screw into its grip. There's the Eggbot (for drawing on curved surfaces like eggs, balloons and balls), but there's also the Axidraw, which works on flat surfaces. Read the rest

Mesmerising stroboscopic Easter egg designs

"No computer graphics tricks were used in this video," writes Jiri Zemanek of Czech Technical University in Prague.

Various patterns are generated in MATLAB using mathematical equations similar to ones describing Spirograph (or harmonograph) and Phyllotaxis. The patterns are calculated in such a way that when rotated under a stroboscopic light of suitable frequency or when recorded by a camera, they start to animate. It is kind of zoetrope---early device for animation. Eggs were painted using EggBot (designed by Bruce Shapiro as open hardware and available as a kit from To draw on eggs, we used standard permanent markers and an electro kistka with bee wax followed by dying. Eggs are rotated at a constant speed, special for each pattern, by a brushless motor.

Here's more: "This apparatus creates stroboscopic patterns on an egg covered in photochromic paint"

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Eggbot Pro: an all-metal plotter for drawing on curved surfaces

Evil Mad Scientist Labs have updated their beloved open-source hardware Eggbot, a plotter that draws on curved surfaces, with a new all-metal model called the Eggbot Pro. Read the rest

Eggbot design: Pi Egg for Pi Day

Tomorrow, 3/14, is Pi Day in the USA (it will not be Pi Day in the rest of the world until the Martian Emperor subjugates us all to his sinister 14-month calendar). In celebration, Thingiverse user Thor4231 posted this great Eggbot design, ready to be automatically sharpied onto your favorite ovum by means of the wonderful Eggbot printer.

Pi Egg for Pi Day Read the rest

Engraving a Klein bottle with an Eggbot

The Evil Mad Scientists were presented with a challenge: inscribe one of Cliff Stoll's hand-blown Klein bottles, an object of surpassing beauty and odd topology. They modified an Eggbot plotter to etch the surface of a Klein bottle with a diamond engraver attachment. Read the rest

Mug Marker: a cardboard robot that decorates mugs

The Mug Marker is a Don McRae's cardboard mug-decorating robot that uses an Eggbot-style EBB controller board and stepper motors to draw precise patterns on your favorite coffee-mug. Lenore from Evil Mad Scientists has a writeup on the design process and the way it performs. Read the rest

Vintage video of Peter Weller on the set of 1987's RoboCop

I'd buy that for a dollar...but you can just watch for free!

How To: Harvest your own squid ink

I really, really love the fact that this Instructable starts off with "Step 1: Obtain squid."

It's also incredibly cool that these instructions aren't just about collecting the squid ink. Instead, you're being taught how to save the ink from a squid that you're planning on cooking. It's two lessons in whole squid dissection for the price of one! Plus there's a video.

I'm really curious to know how different squid ink would look from other inks if you used it for printmaking or writing. Does it look different at all? Have any of you tried it?

How to Harvest Squid Ink, by Instructables user candida

Via hectocotyli

Octopus made from typewriter parts Printing nutritional info on an egg with an Eggbot Giant squid invade Southern California Giant, hippie-hating, cannibalistic squids attack SF Bay Area Read the rest

Carved-away goose-egg

Instructables user Bbstudio has been doing some extraordinary egg carving for the Eggbot Easter challenge. This carved-away goose egg is probably the most physically impressive, though there's a lot more aesthetically pleasing (if less improbable) designs in his portfolio.


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Bent fork egg-cup

Scott Bedford bent and twisted a fork to make a snaggletoothed egg-cup. I have a friend who has a mild phobia of bent fork-tines, this would drive him crazy (and I have to admit, there is something somehow unwholesome about such a grotesquely distorted bit of cutlery!).

Egg cup from a bent fork

(Thanks, Sally599, via Submitterator!)

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Printing nutritional info on an egg with an Eggbot

Thingiverse member Dnewman has produced some nutritional templates for Eggbot owners (Eggbots are devices designed to print on eggs, ping-pong balls, grapefruit, etc). Clever!

Dnewman's solution is beyond elegant. Why not just print the nutritional information right on the produce using an Eggbot?? I just LOVE this idea! I would absolutely buy eggs from any producer that did this. Not only is this idea so so so cool, but it opens the door to all kinds of other food labeling robots. I mean, who wouldn't want a Mangobot 2000? Oh, and if you're going to buy an apple, pear, or other fruit or vegetable where the exterior is consumed, why not just print with an edible ink? 12

Truth in Labeling

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