The Pinkertons' plan for climate change: a mercenary army that guards one-percenters as the seas rise

The Pinkertons rose to notoriety as a vicious army of mercenary strikebreakers who beat and murdered working people who stood up to robber barons like Andrew Carnegie; now they are a division of Securitas, a global private security giant at the forefront of profiting from human misery. Read the rest

Company suspected of blame in Office of Personnel Management breach will help run new clearance agency

In 2014, the US Office of Personnel Management was hacked (presumably by Chinese spies), and leaked 22,000,000+ records of Americans who'd applied for security clearance, handing over the most intimate, compromising details of their lives (the clearance process involves disclosing anything that could be used to blackmail you in the future). This didn't come to light until 2015. Read the rest

TigerDirect: check in any time you like, but no receipt? You can never leave.

Consumerist publishes a pretty wild first-person account from a guy who claims to have been forcibly detained and harassed by private security staff at electronics retailer TigerDirect. The shopper refused to show his receipt after his purchase. The security employee, an employee of Securitas, physically blocked the customer's exit and verbally abused him, according to the account. The customer called 911 and was released. No charges were filed.

Link (thanks, Mike Shea)

Update: Ben Popken at Consumerist says...

TigerDirect manager calls complainant to apologize, fire security guard, and pledge to retrain staff. TigerDirect EVP calls Consumerist to arrange for delivery of big batch of home-made FUD. The latter should take ethics lessons from the former. Link.

Alex Halavais says,

This is a follow-on to your TigerDirect story: a pdf of a brief statement you can hand to the guard who asks to see your receipt, making clear why you both will not show your receipt and how checking receipts is a bad business practice. Link.

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