• Wikileaf makes finding the best weed, at the best prices, easy

    Boing Boing is proud to welcome Wikileaf.com as as sponsor.

    When you want to book a flight or a hotel online, if you're bargain-conscious you probably don't go directly to each airline or hotel's direct website, but rather shop on price comparison websites to see who's offering the best rate for what you want. Wikileaf.com applies this same familiar concept to legal and medical cannabis.

    Wikileaf is the first price comparison website of its kind, empowering marijuana consumers to name their preferred price for pot–then watch as recreational and/or medical dispensaries compete for their bud business.

    The website operates as a "reverse auction" model for weed. You, the consumer, set the price you intend to spend. Dispensaries in your area offer their best deal (in grams) to match what you're willing to spend.


    As cannabis laws and regulations ease throughout the U.S., exuberant ganja-preneurs are opening dispensaries faster than ever. All the competition may be good for the market, but it creates a lot of noise for cannabis connoisseurs who just want really high-quality herb at the best possible price.

    Cruise along the urban streets of Denver, Seattle, Portland, and other weed-friendly American cities, and you'll notice dispensaries and cannabis shops popping up faster than Starbucks spots. There is fierce competition between dispensaries, and that incentive to compete for your business grows as more shops enter the market.


    "The problem for the consumer is that there is no transparency in pricing," says Dan Nelson, CEO of Wikileaf.

    "What you can get for $40 at one shop might get you nearly double that amount in another shop, depending on the dispensaries current inventory levels."

    That the problem Wikileaf is trying to solve for savvy cannabis shoppers.

    With Wikileaf, you can rise above the noise, and quickly find dispensaries offering the best deals and prices in your neighborhood.

    In a highly anticipated update coming this spring, the price comparison model will also be applied to individual strains and products. So for example, if you're looking for the best deals on Blue Dream, you could quickly hop onto Wikileaf.com and find dispensaries currently stocking Blue Dream in your neighborhood–and then compare their offers, to see who's willing to sell this strain to you at the lowest price.

    Check out WikiLeaf.com.

  • Last chance to get Boing Boing's Maker Box from Quarterly.co

    The only thing better than getting a package in the mail is getting a package filled with awesome, DIY kits! That's why we have teamed up with Quarterly to curate their inaugural Maker Box. Think of all the awesome projects that have been featured on Boing Boing, now in a box delivered directly to you. Quarterly's Maker Box hits your doorstep once every three months and will feature a variety of projects, from tech-influenced kits to gardening. We know that everyone can be a Maker and we're excited for you to start seeing the world as your very own DIY kit.

    Each package will include at least three kits, save one for each month of the quarter or do them all at once! The choice is yours. The kits will vary in theme and final product, but each kit will be hours of hands-on fun! The cost is $100 every 3 months with this first box shipping out at the end of February.

    So what's going to be inside the very first Boing Boing x Quarterly Maker Box, #MKR01? Well, here's a teaser for what to expect!

    When's the last time you sat down and made something with your hands? If you are a Maker, probably an hour ago. Or if you are new to making, it may have been a while ago. Or maybe you cooked a meal, drew your own art, or just finished a puzzle. There are many different types of Makers out there from hackers, tinkerers, independent inventors and traditional artisans.
    Whether or not you define yourself as a Maker, you can definitely be one and this box is the perfect starter kit.

    MKR01 is all about celebrating DIY in all aspects of your life. You'll receive three kits, each with a new twist on life (*Hint, hint!). And if that weren't exciting enough, there will be a puzzle included in the box. You will have to solve it in order to receive the letter from us and Quarterly! Think of it as your very own treasure hunt.

    There's only a limited number of boxes available, so subscribe now, before you miss out on this fun, creative, and engaging box.

  • How to make things with a Glowforge laser cutter

    Glowforge is a 3D laser printer that uses a beam of light the width of a human hair to cut, engrave, and shape designs from a variety of materials. In this video, Glowforge founder and CEO Dan Shapiro shows us how to make an acrylic Jackhammer Jill (Boing Boing's mascot) in a matter of minutes. Check out glowforge.com/boingboing to find out what else you can make with a Glowforge and get a special $100 discount on top of the 50% off pre-order price. The offer expires this Friday Oct. 23 at 6pm PT, so order yours today! (‪sponsored post‬)

  • WaterPuff – portable instant waterpipe


    While some 'fropheads swear by vaporizers to imbibe their sacramental habifropzipulops mariphasa lupina, I don't like them. I think they are inefficient, don't vaporize the full psychoactive spectrum of active compounds in 'frop, and don't smell good. I prefer using the Water Puff. Amazon sells them for $13. (As of 8/26 Amazon has pulled all waterpipes from its inventory.) It turns a water or pop bottle into a water pipe. It might not be as healthy for my lungs as a vaporizer but it tastes better and feels better.

    Let this guy with a plastic marijuana leaf on his face tell you about it: