There's more to this homoerotic showering game than meets the eye

If you get the gym class schedule right, you might have a fraught but exciting encounter with a hunk who wears sunglasses in the shower.

Panoramical will change the way you conceive of sound

More than a "music visualizer", the widely-anticipated new project by David Kanaga and Fernando Ramallo is practically synesthetic, treating sound as a place to explore and customize

This adventure game about a strange clown is absolutely brilliant

I've fallen for this strange new adventure game about a horrible, balloon-like clown with a gaping maw full of yellow teeth.

Can games learn from 19th century art?

Independent game developers are doing interesting things in smaller games by using the creative techniques and tools of some "higher-end", bigger game-makers, just like avant-garde impressionists once did.

We Know The Devil is a horror game about being the odd friend out

We Know The Devil is a visual novel about three friends consigned to a miserable Christian summer camp. Eventually they'll have to confront the Devil, which might just be allegorical for how, in a group of three, two will always bond a little more closely.

Someone re-did the whole True Detective intro in Grand Theft Auto V

Sometimes the creative things people do with games are even more interesting than the games themselves.

Read a bold new magazine for interactive fiction fans

The ambitious new Sub-Q aims to create a brand new venue for interactive fiction and the players who love it. Fans believe the form is going mainstream in a big way, and there are ever more ways for you—yes, you!—to take part.

How to make great levels in Nintendo's Mario Maker

Level design is its own kind of playful art: part theatre and part architecture, you’re making spaces to challenge and delight other people.

Join a colorful crew of bounty hunters in this choice-driven visual novel

A team experienced at eerie, atmospheric sci fi is developing a new visual novel with amazing illustrations and a diverse crew.

Is Metal Gear Solid V as big as David Bowie right now?

The musical references of this year's most daunting commercial video game are resonating in surprising and brilliant ways.

This 'empathy game' reveals a real challenge for indie games

Anna Anthropy's "sequel to dys4ia" sheds light on the conflicting aftermath of the "empathy games" boom, and the fact so many celebrated creators are still alone and afraid.

Like words? Play with simile and metaphor in this unusual mystery app

Your revolver is like a trusty assistant. I mean, it is your assistant, and his name is Mr. Smith Wesson.

Mobile game of the week: Wuwu and Co.

It really does feel like a book come to life: With playful music, the crunch of snow and pretty, modern animal illustrations, you tilt and shake the device to interact gently with the stories and characters on all sides of you.

Offworld Monday reflection: What's good, Tinder Renaissance zombies?

Last week on Offworld saw us interrogate the millennial tech panic, play games about the Renaissance, watch a couple documentaries and collect Nicki Minaj fanart.

Developers mourn a canceled project in this short 'cave painting' about grief

After a large-scale commercial project abruptly ended, veterans of Spec Ops: The Line studio Yager Interactive decided to make a small jam game about grief and loss.

$10,000 fellowship available to aspiring game developers with disabilities

A nonprofit devoted to advocating for accessibility in video games is now offering a generous fellowship to eligible design students.

Become a ruthless, noble lady in this 'Renaissance revenge simulator'

Your wealthy father and brother have been killed by distasteful schemers, and now you're to be married off to one of them. Can you plan your brutal revenge without arousing suspicion—while acting like a perfect courtly lady?

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