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Human male and bovine-hybrid female in phase 1 of mating ritual.

As many now realize, aliens are using Earth as a laboratory to develop DNA sequences vital to their own survival. But few understand how pervasive and threatening these "experiments" have become.

The dying Pleiadian civilization increasingly requires human genes to survive. But modern technology on Earth now threatens human, and therefore alien, survival. Aliens want to eliminate this threat by introducing into the human population genes derived from cattle, to make humans more docile and controllable, less ambitious, less aggressive.

Aliens began gathering bovine genetic material in the late Sixties, prompting initial reports of mysterious cattle mutilations. Using abducted humans, they developed gene-modified human hybrids characterized by such bovine traits as passivity, vegetarianism, and long eyelashes. When the hybrids came of age, they were brainwashed and deployed to urban areas populated by rootless young misfits whose carelessness, promiscuity, and acceptance of strange people permit the introduction of a new genetic strain.

Our cities are now filling with these soft & gentle, lazy, young Cow- People who reveal So Little about their past & yet act So Friendly -- but Beware, because mating with Cow-People means DEATH to the Sacred Spark of Humanity and ENSLAVEMENT at the (*6-fingered*) Hands of the Aliens! DON'T GIVE IN!!!!!!! -- Paul Spinrad

Paul Spinrad (pspinrad@infobahn.com) has written for Re/Search, Adbusters, and Digital Media.

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