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You can't buy Carla Sinclair's book, Net Chick: A Smart-Girl Guide to the Wired World, in bookstores, or on Amazon.com any longer. The only place you can buy fresh, unsoiled copies is right here from bOING bOING.

We have several pristine-condition copies of this book in our humidity- and temperature-controlled archives. Many of the links are outdated, but the interviews with women web-pioneers and reviews of early Web sites makes this book an engrossing, page-turner of a historical document.

By the time you finish reading Net Chick, you may no longer recognize yourself. You will come out the other side a changed person. This is the book that people will be building a religion around a few thousand years from now. If you decide to buy a copy, you may want to consider installing a burglar alarm system in your home or cage, as others will want to steal the book from you.

It's over 300-pages long, and is full of pretty pictures you can look at and enjoy even if you don't know how to read.

Price: $25, including postage, in the US. $30 international. Send cash, check or money order to:

11288 Ventura Blvd #818
Studio City, CA 91604

You can also order by credit card (if you dare use the big bad internet to email your credit card number). Mastercard and Visa only. Email info to mark@well.com, or fax it to 818/907-0694.

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