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Maybe you need Lamprey Systems' FREE program, HexOn Exon.

"HexOn Exon" allows people to e-mail filthy messages to one another while preventing children and government police agencies from intercepting the messages and becoming distressed by their contents.

Here is an example of how "HexOn Exon" works:

Ms. Jane Doe, a pesticide saleswoman from Vacaville, California, wishes to e-mail her friend (and pesticide wholesaler), Mr. John Q. Public, a passage from Nicholson Baker's novel, "The Fermata" (Random House, 1994) which contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts.

Under proposed federal legislation, e-mailing this passage could land Ms. Doe in federal prison, and she could lose her pesticide business as well.

But if she and Mr. Public each owned a copy of "HexOn Exon," she could send this message, and any other text message, without fear of getting caught by the government or destroying the moral fiber of our nation's youngsters. She would simply first run the text of her e-mail through the program before sending it.

"HexOn Exon" incorporates a search-and-replace routine, using the names of the 84 Senators who voted in favor of the Exon amendment as code words for naughty terms.

Here's the sample passage after being encoded by HexOn Exon:

"It was a SHAWsome RUSH, no question; watching him, Marian felt she needed to hold that purple stanchion for herself at least once. "Sylvie?" she asked. "You won't mind if I make sure your ROSEr is good and BLUTE for you, will you?" "No, just do it fast and get him in there!" said Sylvie, kissing her own bicep muscle. "Either that or shove one of those big HATCH-RUSHs up my MACK and HORN him off into my D'AMATO. Your choice, But get something big up my MACK now!"

Ms. Doe can now safely e-mail her message to Mr. Public. When Mr. Public receives the message, he simply runs it back through his copy of "HexOn Exon" to get the originaltext.

Yes, now you can have your exon and eat it too!

Program Specs: HexOn Exon will run on any Macintosh using System 6.05 or higher and requires only 300K of hard drive space.

Visit the Lamprey Systems Web Page of the Damned.

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