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How to Improve Your Memory and Increase Your Intelligence Using the Latest Discoveries in Neuroscience by Ward Dean, John Morgenthaler

You can buy Smart Drugs and Nutrients from Amazon for $12.95 plus shipping, but here at bOING bOING, you can get your very own copy for only $9, plus $3 priority mail shipping.

"An introductory guide to exciting new developments in neuroscience. By using newly researched nutrients, new compounds and test-proven pharmaceuticals, you may vastly increase your brain power and improve your memory, concentration, and ability to learn" -- from the back cover

We have several pristine-condition copies of this book in our humidity- and temperature-controlled archives.

It's over 222-pages long.

Price: $12, including postage, in the US. $17 international. Send cash, check or money order to:

11288 Ventura Blvd #818
Studio City, CA 91604

You can also order by credit card (if you dare use the big bad Internet to email your credit card number). Mastercard and Visa only. Email to mark@well.com, or fax it to 818/475-1350.

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