Man afraid of Tasmanian Devil cartoon has father-in-law arrested for teasing him with a Taz wig

A 36-year-old gentleman from New York has had a deep fear of the Tasmanian Devil cartoon his entire life. So after his father-in-law, Yunes Doleh, teased him by waving a Taz-like toupee and snarling at him at a funeral, the frightened fellow had Doleh arrested.

According to the AP:

The Staten Island man [Mazen Dayem] says he’s had a fear of the Tasmanian Devil his entire life. Dayem claims his father-in-law has taken advantage of his phobia since 2013. Dayem filed a restraining order in September following an altercation with Doleh at a restaurant.

An attorney for Doleh labeled the case a “family dispute.”

Doleh faces charges of criminal contempt and aggravated harassment.

Sounds like a bad case of kyrofelonoshophobia – phobia of cartoon characters – to me.

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