Guatemala's President resigns amid corruption probe, faces prison for “criminal conspiracy”

The former Army general has resigned to face charges that he led a massive customs fraud racket. He is prohibited from leaving the country, Attorney General Thelma Aldana told reporters.

Guatemala's Attorney General calls for the arrest of President Otto Perez Molina

Much jubilation tonights in the streets of Guatemala.

In Guatemala, a popular uprising may send a US-backed president to prison. It's about time.

Guatemala is a place where justice seldom reaches those who deserve it most. But today in Guatemala, something amazing has happened. And they're calling it “Guatemalan Spring.”

Photo: In Guatemala's national day of protest today, Anonymous is a Mayan woman

Just one of the many stunning images hitting social media today from the protests around Guatemala. An unprecedented number of Guatemalans of all economic, ethnic, and social backgrounds have united in the streets, calling for an end to corruption and the impeachment of president Otto Perez Molina. Read the rest

Guatemala national strike demands president linked to corruption and mass murder step down

Protesters are seeking to arrest the sitting president for corruption.