Academic freedom grifters rally around a new anti-transgender "disease"

Brown University researcher Lisa Littman has become the latest cause célèbre for academic freedom grifters after publishing an irresponsible article promoting "rapid-onset gender dysphoria," yet another disease model of gender identity and expression. Imagine a disease called "rapid-onset homosexuality" to understand the problem with "ROGD." Now all the usual suspects are defending her biased garbage. Read the rest

Bad news for people who love space, dinosaurs, and space dinosaurs

Back in April, chemist Ronald Breslow published a fairly routine research paper on the topic of molecular evolution. His paper concluded with a left turn into dire warnings about the possibility of dinosaurs on other planets. Sadly, this paper has now been recalled by the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Essentially, they unpublished it. The reason: The paper turned out to be a bit too similar to two other studies that Breslow had published previously. Yes, including the part about the space dinosaurs. Read the rest