Happy Valentines from 1982

Zoom – just one look and then my heart went boom.

Things I miss: when the William Tell Overture was cool

I remember when I could hear the opening to the William Tell Overture and feel the adventure. I'm not sure if I just got older, the constant comedic uses of The Lone Ranger theme, or I just can't tolerate the racism inherent in most old Western themed tv and movies, but every time I hear […]

Things I Miss: My friend Bob trying to convince people to try his Flowbee

A hair trimmer attached to your vacuum cleaner. What could go wrong? I was sadly disappointed and did not find many Flowbee mishap videos on The YouTubes. Likely, the vacu-trimmer was never that popular in the first place! I had a friend named Bobby Magee who thought the Flowbee was an amazing thing to break […]

Things I Miss: Larry "Bud" Melman

When America was truly great we had truly great people on TV. Calvert DeForest was one of the best. Here's another clip:

Things I miss: The Adventures of Pete and Pete

One of the best children's shows of all time. This is what life SHOULD BE LIKE. Also, I love the themesong, Hey Sandy! by Polaris.

Things I miss: bearded kings of synth rocking the mundane

ZZ Top hit a Billboard's "Hot 100" charts at #8 with a song about a Sleeping Bag. Completing their transformation from 70s boogie-woogie blues band to 80s boogie-woogie synth stars. No one rocked the mundane quite like ZZ Top, "she's got legs" after all.

Things I miss: This weekend we had Klondike bars

What would you do? Not much if you are my daughter. She offered me the remaining half of hers, not enjoying her few bites. I bought the Heath Bar variety.

Things I miss: The Thunderbirds saying FAB

Fun remix of Gerry and Silvia Anderson's supermarionation classic Thunderbirds. Thunderbird 4 would have been mine. MINE.

Things I miss: Weebles wobbling, not falling down

I loved Weebles. As a little kid I tried and tried to balance them upside down. As a young boy scout I learned they make dangerous ammunition for homemade calcium carbide cannons. They fit an available diameter of PVC very well, I don't recall which.

Aztec for the Apple ][ was my first desktop video game

Aztec was pretty impressive in 1982. I played the hell out of this. It was one of the few games my Atari 400/800 using friends were jealous of. The video above shows the game in agonizing load-from-floppy-speed. Also, please remember Sneakers.

Things I miss: my Evel Knievel stunt cycle

This was so much god damn fun.

Things I miss: Davey and Goliath

No one else thought a talking dog teaching us about God's love was weird? I kinda enjoyed these as a kid but always felt something was off…

Things I miss: Kool & the Gang

2013's Kool for the Holidays didn't really serve as the comeback I was hoping for.

Things I miss: Interplanet Janet

No, there's never been a planet Janet hasn't seen.

Things I miss: Dr. Shrinker

He was a madman with an evil mind.

Things I miss: the music of dot matrix printing

No office sounds busy without a dot matrix printer ripping in the background. Also: The HALO theme on 8 floppy disk drives.

Things I miss: the Big Wheel

SPINNING! The very earliest memory I have is riding my Big Wheel over a ledge and into a small, landscaped stream for an epic wipe out! My mom saved me. Thanks, Mom! Big Wheels are totally cool! No wonder I love motorcycles and cars. Here are other things we miss!

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