Pillowmail generates random naughty stories

Pillowmail generates random naughty stories based on MadLibs forms that are then mailed off to your stalkee spouse. The suggester writes "We're seeing a LOT of activity between military spouses now, as well as the corporate executives and college kids."
Having finished soaping the top of the hearse, Cory started to hose it down. Some of the spray overshot the car, and got on Fubar. "Hey," she said, glancing up when she felt the water. "Sorry. That was an accident." said Cory. "You did that on purpose," Fubar said. "No," said Cory, "I did THIS on purpose." And with that, he shot the water directly at Cory, drenching her entire torso. Foo Bar stared at him, open mouthed. Cory stared back - she looked great in a wet t-shirt, almost as nice as when she wore just her leather chaps.
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