50-year-old operating system ported to 30-year-old digital typewriter

CP/M is an operating system dating to the mid-1970s that found its niche giving cheap 8-bit home computers the flexibility, if not the power, of expensive workstations. The Brother SuperPowerNote was a fancy and "very weird" portable typewriter from the early 1990s. David Given ported the former to the latter, creating a freakishly versatile laptop. The source code is on github!

You might find a Brother Super PowerNote on eBay for ~$50 and shipping. The keyboard is terrible, don't—unless you intend to put CP/M on it!

Someone did this to a similar (and more compact-looking) Amstrad model a while back.

I like the idea of CP/M somehow turning into a metaluminal virus that will eventually find and infect every Z80 in the universe. You'll pull a 1-kilobyte Sinclair Timex out of the attic for old times' sake only to find CP/M running on it, inexplicably, indubitably, indelibly.