Bloggers fill the commercial void

Good MIT Tech Review piece on how blogs have filled the gap left by the vanishing commercial content producers. The most distinctive thing about this piece is that the author devotes part of it to speculating on how bloggers will react to it, how they'll link to it and what they'll say.
A few months ago, I was at the Camden Pop!Tech conference, and the guy sitting next to me was typing incessantly into his wireless laptop, making notes on the speakers, finding relevant links and then hitting the send key—instantly updating his Web site. No sooner did he do so than he would get responses back from readers around the country. He was a blogger.

Bloggers are turning the hunting and gathering, sampling and critiquing the rest of us do online into an extreme sport. We surf the Web; these guys snowboard it. Bloggers are the minutemen of the digital revolution.

Link Discuss (Thanks, Joey)