Digital timeclocks being doctored by chain-store managers

Managers at chain stores across America are protecting their bottom-line-dependant jobs by secretly changing timeclock records, so that their workers aren't paid for their time.
In the punch-card era, managers would have had to conspire with payroll clerks or accountants to manipulate records. But now it is far easier for individual managers to accomplish this secretly with computers, payroll experts say.

Mr. Pooters, a father of five who left the Air Force in 1997 for a career in retailing, talks with disgust about photocopied Toys "R" Us records that he said showed how his manager made it appear that he had clocked out much earlier than he had.

"Unless you keep track of your time and keep records of when you punch in and punch out, there's no way to stop this," he said.

Link (via Dan Gillmor)