Suit-productivity tips for nerds roundup concluded

Merlin Mann has concluded his end-of-year roundup of his attempt to port the excellent-but-suit-oriented productivity book Getting Things Done to a system that suits geeks who rely heavily on computers and related devices to organize their lives.
I doubt that I'm the only GTD nerd who now has faster and more ubiquitous access to the internet than back in 2001, when Getting Things Done was first published. Just as one data point, I work primarily on internet-related projects from home on a 1.5Mb DSL line and house-wide wifi: "@online" is virtually all of the time for me. So, the GTD contexts associated with my work demand more subtlety to be useful (or even worth the bother of maintaining them).

Take me and multiply it by an order of magnitude for students with Hiptops, full-time AIM access, and a completely wifi campus with unlimited, lightning-fast bandwidth. I suspect that this desk-free, under-25 crowd are a group worth Davidco devoting some avid attention to.