Running vampire bat

Cornell University scientists captured a Muybridge-esque video of a running vampire bat. Apparently, the vampire bat is the only bat known to run. From Science News:
 Articles 20050319 A5971 1825 (Researcher Daniel Riskin) placed each bat inside a cage about the size of an elongated shoe box with a customized treadmill as the floor. At first, the bats strolled along. When Riskin sped up the treadmill to more than 0.5 meter per second, he was startled to find that bats started bounding, pushing off with their powerful forearms. The maximum speed clocked was 1.2 m/s.

"It's not often in science that you have the eureka moment like we did," says Riskin. "I'll always remember just looking over at my coauthor John Hermanson and he looked back at me, and we just started laughing."
Link to article, Link to .mov of running bat (Thanks, Squidocto!)